If you are looking for a low budget android phone another option would be Samsung Galaxy Y. For a price of P6,000 you can already experience android at low price. I had a chance to play with it since my sister in law had it for 2 weeks now; I borrowed it to give it a review.

Since this is a budget android phone I expected it to be laggy but it’s not, maybe if you are comparing it to galaxy S, then you can say that this is a crappy phone. Taking into consideration the selling price, it is pretty decent compared to other entry level Samsung phones.

What are its features?

This is usually asked when buying a phone before “Ati anu bang pityurs nito?” “Ah meron yang plas layt ser!” “ilang mega piksel ito teh?”. All we care about before is megapixel. Now you will have to consider processor, sdcard slot, operating system, 3D, sensor, gps, battery life, HD, etc.

Let’s see what Galaxy Y has to offer.

Most of its features are the commonly expected features of an android phone, I will discuss the key features instead. Samsung galaxy Y has a default Touchwiz UI same as what we can see on the Galaxy S2 but in lower resolution of course. If you want to change the default home screen you can install different launchers instead.

You want to use this phone as your MP3 player? No problem! You can expand the external memory up to 32GB which is enough for more or less 8,000 songs. It has A2DP support for stereo Bluetooth headphones if you choose to go wireless listening to your songs. FM radio is supported too.

Galaxy Y is powered by 830MHz ARMv6 processor with Gingerbread 2.3.5, just enough to play games in decent speed. It also supports 3G network HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbps for faster browsing. Not only that, you can use this phone as a wi-fi hotspot and share internet to your laptop or other wi-fi enabled gadgets. This is best if you have a postpaid with unlimited data plan. You don’t need a wi-fi router anymore.

Battery life lasts for 2 days of regular call and text use and 4-6 hours for continuous play, wi-fi and internet browsing.

Other feature includes 3-inch multitouch screen, 3.5mm jack, Proximity sensor, GPS, and loudspeaker. Sorry no flash light :(

I tested it with the following games and captured a video see below. Overall game experience is not quite entertaining for me because of the small screen. But that is just my preference, I like big screen when playing games so if you are ok with playing angry birds on a 3-inch screen, then that’s fine.

As for the camera it has a standard 2 mega pixel resolution which captures up to 1600×1200 pixels dimension photo. It is pain taking pictures in a low light environment with Galaxy Y because there’s no flash. But on the other hand the quality of the shots is still acceptable to me in normal lighting conditions.

Below pictures are taken using galaxy y camera.

The Downside

No phone is perfect everything has its flaws. But you cannot really whine about it because you only get what you pay for. I will just enumerate what I think is missing here:

  • No flash
  • No auto focus
  • No secondary camera

I should have included that it lacks internal memory but, come on, for the price of 6,000 you cannot get a better phone with that budget. There are custom ROMs and Mod out there if you want to go down that road.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a low budget android phone then I think Samsung Galaxy Y is another one for you to consider. You can already experience android for a price 6K or free if you’re on postpaid. I am not saying that you will get the full android experience from it but you can get almost every app that is available in the android market. Yes it might not be as responsive as the iphone or galaxy s2 but just take a look at the price. This is what I consider a good buy if you ask me.

If you are planning to get this with Globe see eyes4tech’s galaxy y post.