I haven’t published an article here for 3 months now. Thanks to eyes4tech for writing about his galaxy s2 2 weeks ago and this inspired me to write again.

Since the android invasion, developers took advantage of the flexibility of this OS and created customized themes that changed the stock look of a phone from icons, status bars, app drawers and what not. You can even create your own theme if you know what I mean.

Lockscreen is also customizable these days and you can find quite a few of them in android market but I personally think that Widget locker shines above all other. Since honeycomb was released I’ve been crazy about its lockscreen and been looking for a port on my phone. There were locks that simulate the same ripple effect but it’s just too slow and buggy for me so I gave up and forgot about it for a while. Until widget locker released version 2.2.1 by TeslaCoil which has a custom slider like the ice cream sandwich. I tried googling about it if it has the default honeycomb lock and it did. I downloaded (it costs $2.99 or btw) and finally got my honeycomb lock the way I want it. And for those who are looking for ice cream sandwich lockscreen, I think this is the best app for you as well. Forget the rest and get widget locker instead! (I’m starting to sound like infomercial again, am I?)

This app doesn’t have a free version though so you can’t really try on and decide to buy it later. TeslaCoil software should have trial version for those who wants to try it first, I’ve read on some forum that people are forced to look for pirated copies to try on instead.


If you have the new version of widget locker (2.2.1 and up) you should have a default ICS slider. To change it to honeycomb or any custom slider you want just open widget locker on design mode.

  1. Open widget locker from application drawer
  2. Open menu and press add (or you can long press anywhere)
  3. Select Custom Slider from the popup
  4. From Theme dropdown select honecomb or any custom theme you like
  5. Save & Exit

You’re done! Enjoy your new ICS or Honeycomb slider :)