Most often than not, when you buy yourself a brand new smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S II you can’t really be sure that you have the latest firmware installed.  This is more likely to happen especially if the smartphone you just bought was released officially a few months or years back.  It is a fact that there is a newer firmware version available for your Samsung Galaxy S II now like what happened to me.  I bought my Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 two weeks ago and for a week of testing it I found some small problems and issues like the battery life and heating problem when playing HD games.  Since I am new to Android phones I had to consult some of my friends and their immediate recommendation is for me to flush and root my smartphone – I hesitated because it will surely void my handset’s warranty.  Alternatively, I found a way to ease my “small” issues with Samsung Galaxy S II and that is updating its firmware straight from Samsung itself.  So that’s what I intend to do now, to give you a quick tip and tutorial on how to update or upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S II with the use of Samsung smartphone’s application for PC – Samsung Kies.


We are not and will never be held responsible if you brick your Samsung Galaxy S II.  Although the procedure seems so easy for anyone to execute it, it is still better if you could ask someone who is more savvy in doing these steps.  This tutorial is intended for those who knows what they are doing and knows how to work around with computers and smartphones.

What are the things I need?

  1. Samsung Kies application
  2. USB cable for your Samsung Galaxy S II
  3. Your Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100
  4. Stable (and I really mean stable) Internet connection
  5. Of course your computer – I was using Windows 7 OS when I did this
  6. Coffee and aspirin – just kidding


First of all before you take the jump, you won’t be able to update your Samsung Galaxy S II without installing Samsung Kies. Samsung Kies is an application that lets you connect your smartphone onto your desktop computer and access it directly. With this application, you can now backup all the data and information from your Samsung Galaxy S II straight onto your computer and restore that whenever it is needed. Also, this will serve as a tool for you to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S II’s firmware since it can detect automatically the installed firmware on your smartphone and compare it with the latest and official release from Samsung. You can download it from Samsung Kies’ official website – the link.  I am currently using Samsung Kies version 2 ( on my Windows 7 OS desktop computer.

Now, once you’re done with the installation – you’re almost ready.  Click and open Samsung Kies and then plug your Samsung Galaxy S II into your computer with the use of USB cable.  Wait until your operating system install the drivers and needed files to recognize and access your smartphone and then wait until Samsung Kies identifies the plugged device. Once your computer have successfully detects your smartphone, Samsung Kies will now start its initial check-ups and see if you have the latest firmware. When I first plugged my Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100, it prompted me that the latest firmware available for my device is PDA:KI2/PHONE:KI1/CSC:KH1(XTC). Below is the screenshot of my Samsung Galaxy S II’s phone information after the firmware upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy S II Updated Firmware

Here’s the screenshot of the prompt that you’ll get once you plug your smartphone and detects that you don’t have the latest firmware installed.

Using Samsung Kies To Update Firmware

But before you proceed with the firmware update, I would recommend for you to perform a full backup first of your Samsung Galaxy S II with Samsung Kies – this is pretty much a wiser thing to do before you proceed.

Backup Your Phone

Once you’re done, go back to the Basic Information tab from your Samsung Kies window application and then proceed now with updating your firmware.

The next window that will pop on your screen is Samsung Kies’ Firmware Upgrade Caution reminder before you proceed, just make sure that everything is OK before you start. The upgrade will take at least 30min or more depending on the speed of your Internet connection so this is now the time that you’ll need the coffee and if for some unknown reason and you experienced a power interruption while you’re in the middle of the firmware upgrade – now that’s the time you’ll need the aspirin – well that is if your smartphone doesn’t boot up anymore. Just kidding.

Anyway, just let the Internet connection and ensure that Samsung Galaxy S II is properly connected and secured onto your computer while you’re updating the firmware. Once the firmware update is done, a new window will pop-out saying that the firmware is completed and you can now unplug your smartphone from your computer to test it.

Firmware upgraded

Now, once you’re OK and satisfied (actually you don’t have a choice to revert if you didn’t like the updated version), you can also use Samsung Kies to restore the data back onto your phone.

Basically that’s it, you can also visit this link for more details about upgrading your Samsung Galaxy S II’s firmware.