I can still remember my first CRT monitor with a 3 bird logo during my college years and I never thought that they will come this far. Do you know what company am I talking about? That’s right, ViewSonic, just look for the 3 colorful birds hehe.

ViewSonic unveils their 10-inch tablet on Tuesday that runs intel’s atom processor and has two operating systems, android 2.3 and windows 7 as dual boots. You can actually work on this tablet with your windows applications and can still get the android goodness. That is something I want on a Tablet. Though Windows 7 is not yet fully optimized for tablets and it should be better if this is windows 8 but it’s a start and we should be expecting more fusions in the future. I want to see IOS, android and windows in one but I think that is not gonna happen.

The ViwSonics ViewPad 10Pro will run on windows professional or home and android 2.3. A switching button will be available for users to have a quick switch between windows and android. It has the first chip from intel to compete with ARM designs with 1.5Ghz processing power, a 3500 mAh battery and a 1.3 mega pixel front camera for video calls. Price ranges at $599 for windows home premium + 16 GB model and $700 for windows 7 professional + 32 GB model.

What do you think? Is ViewPad 10Pro good enough for you?

video credits: mobileburn.com