I did a Sun wireless broadband review 2 years ago and got different comments from my readers about how bad it is. But if you check the web too for Witribe, Globe tattoo and Smartbro you can also get same comments. I guess it doesn’t matter who your provider is, the truth is they all have flaws.

During my 2 years with Sunbroadband, I admit, I said the “F***” word a couple (or more) times when it loads 2 minutes just for Google homepage. I guess it might be because I am super downloading at least 10 gigs per month and they eventually cap my bandwidth when I reached a certain download/upload limit. This is part of their fair usage policy.

But what made me renew my sun broadband? They gave me a free Huawei E5832 portable wifi as loyalty for me to renew it again for 2 years. It is perfect because I got my Samsung Galaxy Tab wifi a month before that and with the Sun mifi I can surf anywhere I want.

On my first 2 weeks of use I was impressed with the speed. It is definitely faster than my previous USB dongle. Same sim card but new APN, it is now “fbband” my previous was “minternet”. I found out from the quick guide that minternet is for prepaid and SBW plan 350 lite while fbband is for plan 799, 649 and easy broadband. I was using a prepaid access point ever since??! I can say that it is faster than the previous USB dongle but don’t take my word for it, there are places that don’t have 3G signals yet, try it before you buy.

If your PC doesn’t have a wifi you can still use it via USB. It charges while connected to your PC. It doesn’t come with a charger but it works with my Tab’s charger so you can probably buy a cheap USB dock charger in cdr king or any cell phone store. I bet an iphone/ipod charger can also be used. It has a microSD card slot too which is capable of storing data using a microSD card up to 32GB.

It is powered by 1500mAh Li-polymer which is slightly smaller than my phone’s battery. With continuous use it can only last up to 4 hours. With today’s cool gadgets the battery is still left behind. Why can’t they invent a battery that can last for weeks if not months? You cannot really work outside with this without an outlet unless you have a solar charger.

I cannot comment much on the connection speed as we have all know how slow fast these things are. And it is not consistent. You might get 2mbps downloading porn videos today and crying with 10kbps speed tomorrow, but as of the moment let me give you a speed test pinging servers in the US.

I also noticed that during the 4 hours up time my wifi connection is being disconnected for about 2 – 3 times. This is a problem with the device and it has nothing to do with Sun. So if you are downloading something and you don’t want it to be interrupted connect it to USB instead.

I thought of getting a separate data plan subscription on my phone before so I can go online anytime. But good thing Sun provided me with a better option. The portable wifi is very useful for me when checking my stats and approve submitted articles for my sites by just using my phone when I’m not home. Perfect if you always need to be online to check emails and do business on the interwebs while on the road. You just need a spare battery if you are planning to use it for more than 4 hours without charging.

Sun Broadband might not be the best internet provider for everyone but for me it satisfies my browsing needs. I don’t use it for torrents and heavy downloading because I can do that in the office (Just kidding boss) and I have downloader friends who have better internet connection to supply me with my download needs. You get what you pay for with Sun Broadband, and if you want faster and better connection then upgrade your plan to better suit your needs.