Playing games on the Samsung Galaxy Tab is superb based on my experience. Good thing I didn’t buy PSP before hehe.

However, there I installed games that are not full screen and I ended up uninstalling them. One thing I wasn’t aware of was that there’s actually a fix or a tweak to make (some of) your games or apps full screen. Here’s how:

  1. Download Spare Parts from the market
  2. Install Spare Parts
  3. Open (You will notice that Spare Parts is not on fullscreen as well)
  4. Scroll down to Compatibility Mode (notice that it is already ticked)
  5. Uncheck Compatibility Mode and then Check it again
  6. Restart Tab
  7. After the restart open Spare Parts again
  8. Uncheck Compatibility Mode again (we’re almost there don’t worry)
  9. Close Spare Parts and Restart Tab (again…)
  10. After the restart open Spare Parts and you will see it’s already fullscreen. Open you’re other non full screen games/apps and it should be full screen by now.

I tried it on Bow Quest, Racing Thunder and Reckless Racing and they are now running in full screen. But UNO on the other hand became much smaller than before haha! I guess UNO is coded only for small screens.

If you want to know which games are full screen with and/or without Spare Parts, here’s  a list from XDA forum:

Galaxy Tab Full Screen Games

  1. AlchemyPremiumV191-TAB
  2. AngryBirdsSeasonsV111-TAB
  3. AngryBirdsV142-TAB
  4. Asphalt5HDv318-TAB
  5. BebbledV214
  6. BukaHDv225-TAB
  7. CargoHDv10-TAB
  8. ChessGeniusProV220-TAB
  9. DinkSmallwoodHDv144-TAB
  10. DungeonDefendersHDv122-TAB
  11. DungeonhunterHDv355-TAB
  12. EvacHDv13-TAB
  13. EverlandsHDv16-TAB
  14. GangstarHDv308-TAB
  15. Glyder®v2101-TAB
  16. HeroOfSpartaHDv339-TAB
  17. InfernusVersus1V103-TAB
  18. iSinkUv101-TAB
  19. JetCarStuntsV103-TAB
  20. KumpaV120-TAB
  21. Labyrint-TAB
  22. LetsGolfHDv314-TAB
  23. Mahjong3Dv1012
  24. ModernCombatHDV311-TAB
  25. NFSShiftHDv2021-TAB
  26. NovaHDv313-TAB
  27. PocketGodV11-TAB
  28. PoolBreakProv167-TAB
  29. RadiantHDv218-TAB
  30. RollerV126-TAB
  31. SkyForceReloadedV110-TAB
  32. SpidermanTMHDv306-TAB
  33. TalkingTom-TAB
  34. TanksAndTurretsV11-TAB
  35. Backgammon-TAB
  36. UNOHDv350-TAB
  37. WindsOfSteelV111-TAB
  38. xPlaneV966-TAB
  39. ZenoniaV102-TAB
  40. BattleBearsV103-TAB
  41. Backbreaker Football
  42. Ninjump
  43. Bubbleblast
  44. Snesoid
  45. Uae4droid
  46. Game Dev Story
  47. Grave Defense
  48. Pocket Legends
  49. Psx4DriodV110
  50. FishingKingsHDv322-TAB
  51. UniWarV121-TAB
  52. SlugsProV38-TAB
  53. Robo3GearsOfLoveV10-TAB
  54. RocketBunniesV103-TAB
  55. CrushTheCastleV17-TAB
  56. TankHeroV103-TAB
  57. Sliceit
  58. Doodle Jump
  59. Meteor Blitz
  60. MX Moto
  61. EpicTruckV121-TAB
  62. MackysMountainAdventureV105-TAB
  63. SpeedX 3D
  64. Heavy Gunner 3D
  65. Home Run Battle 3d
  66. Archipelago
  67. Armored Strike
  68. Battle for Mars
  69. Big Sport Fishing
  70. Gem Miner: Dig Deeper
  71. Reckless Racing

This list is updated daily so be sure to check this thread for latest list.