I love changing my phone’s desktop UI appearance. I used Tracker and Gdesk for my Sony Ericsson Symbian phones before. Changing Icons and creating custom appearances were always my obsession. I get bored easily, so I constantly update and change something.

For Android phones there are several ways to change the home screens and icons. First, the use of home replacement apps that has theme support like ADW launcher, Launcher Pro or Go Launcher. These are just a few home screen apps that you can see in the android market.

My personal favorite is the ADW launcher EX. ADW launcher EX has so many options to personalize the look of your phone. This includes transition effects, fancy and glossy icon backgrounds, desktop row and column, auto hide indicator, app drawer style and more. There are other launchers in the market try them and pick one that suits your taste.
Another way to change the look of you android phone is using Metamorph. It allows you to apply mods to your phone by replacing/changing apk or jar files. Metamorph is for advance users and rooted phones only. If you don’t know what you are doing you might brick your phone in the process. This is why I haven’t used Metamorph yet. Here are some of the themes I think is cool.

Though I love some of the Metamorph themes I don’t think it is worth the risk. For some of you who are bold enough and want to try it, you might want to read about it here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=591329 first.

We always want to personalize or customize things the way we want it. Back in the old days, we change our first Nokia phone’s backlights, invert LCDs, we add acetate as wallpaper even though it’s ridiculously hard to read text messages. We will always find a way to modify something because we want to be different. Do you think these customizations will stop in the future when we eventually get use glass display screens? :D