“Wow new Facebook game! I will search for Alter Space Game Cheats to get ahead of the game as early as now and so that everyone playing Alter Space Game will envy me” lols. If this is the reason why you are here I’m sorry I have no Alter Space game cheats here for you, Peace! :D

My friend blogger Arsie talks about the new Filipino Facebook game Alter Space yesterday in his blog and I was intrigued so I played the game. To know more about Alter Space Game check his blog “first facebook pinoy game“.

The main objective of the game is to stay happy while keeping your carbon emissions low. This is your chance of building a new world by living a clean and safe life away from danger of carbon emissions.

So how can you lower your carbon footprint?

Make smarter choices with the items you buy. Sometimes it’s a matter of sacrificing the things you don’t really need and replacing it with items giving you the same amount of happiness with a smaller effect in your carbon footprint. When you reach a certain level you are allowed to use Alternative Power Sources to help lower carbon emissions.

Here are some screenshots I took during the game.

Play Alter Space game here: http://apps.facebook.com/alterspacegame
Visit their facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/alterspacegame