Sony Ericsson Experia Play or Playstation phone as we call it, is on its way to consumers this March 2011. Experia Play runs on Android Gingerbread (2.3) with a 1 Ghz snapdragon CPU and Adreno 205 graphic delivers a smooth 60fps game playback. This android phone surely is promising for hardcore gamers who have been waiting to get hold of this unit for quite some time. Move over PSP!

This phone gaming beast has dedicated 4-way directional keys, Dpad sticks, L/R shoulder keys and 4 symbol keys that you can also find in PSP. There are already 7 preloaded games that ready to play out of the box and you can download additional games like angry birds or gun brothers from the android market.

The Playstation Suite initiative is also due to launch this year, Experia Play will have access to these exclusive playstation contents soon as well.

Price for this savvy phone is not yet confirmed at the moment, but there are rumors that it costs approximately $400 per unit. Do you think you will get your money’s worth on Experia play?