When Apple publicized the iPhone 4 with catchy teasers like “this changes everything again”, they surely didn’t bet that the change was also to be huge on the iPhone accessories market. The initial rave of the innovative iOS 4 features was almost overshadowed by the complaints of deteriorating phone signal whenever the phone is held by hand.

Apple quickly remedied this “design-flaw” by giving free Iphone 4 cases to early buyers. This initial solution led to an even more innovative and stylish market of Iphone 4 cases.

“Bumper cases” that covered the problematic side antenna was fashioned into the typical apple rainbow colors. Stick-on “Iphone skins or decals” were modified to cleverly fit and stylize both the surface and antenna.

The “Wallet Clutch” designs emphasized personal style and luxury – even matching the wearer’s designer bag and shoes.

The comfy “Iphone socks and pouches” were knitted and sewn from all sorts of novelty to luxury fabric.

“Jelly/silicone rubberized” cases sprang into different colors, surface, and even thinness.

“Metallic and hard case covers” took materials like stainless steel and aluminum to be iphone 4 armors and containers. The sporty armbands and strap cases did well for owner’s on-the-go.

The “new generation” of Iphone 4 cases geared-up both phone and its owner for style, functionality, and the unique iphone experience.

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