Last month, I got a Nokia E63 phone as hand-me-down from my sister, although it’s not brand new, she has taken good care of it and it’s still in perfect condition. By saying in perfect condition, she never added anything fancy on the mobile phone. No new application downloads, not even themes. She bought the Nokia E63 phone just because she needs a big space for her text messages which is important for her work. She purchased a Nokia N8 in dark grey color to replace her old Nokia E63 as a Christmas gift to herself. Nokia N8 is a great camera phone with 12 MP, while the downside of the Nokia E63 phone is its camera with only 2 MP. Oh well, who would complain about receiving a Nokia E63 for free!

The available themes on the phone is all too formal and business like, so I downloaded I few which I already tried and has good color combinations. Note that the text on the phone is small and thin that’s why it’s hard to find a nice looking Nokia E63 theme. I’ve posted a few themes for you to check out. Now go and pimp your phone! :)

Click image to download the themes.
[I downloaded these themes from, thanks mobile9!]