Raglan Shirt – Buy online

I’ve been looking for a raglan shirt that fits me but it’s hard to find them. I even checked the mall but still no luck. That’s why searching for it online is another option.

Raglan shirts are very popular during the 90s and this trend is back again. Raglan sleeves are also used as sportswear. Some of you might have seen it on TV, movies or commercials but you don’t care what it’s called. Even I don’t know it at first; I was like searching in Google “shirt with red color sleeves” Lol.

If you landed on this page looking for Raglan Shirt online then you came to the right place. Though Petiksmode.com is not selling anything we are here to help you find what you are looking for :)

This raglan ¾ sleeve Red/White is $11 (50%off) @ americanapparel.com
raglan shirt graphic

other colors are also available
raglan sleeves graphic

Check their site for other color options

Raglan shirts are also available for kids @ $24.00
raglan shirt for kids

raglan shirt for kids 2

Check etsy for more

Ebay also has ¾ sleeve shirts for men @13.90
raglan shirt for men

And of course Amazon

Happy shopping! I hope I can find extra small raglan shirt for me soon.