I got my Samsung Champ as loyalty reward from Sun wireless last month and I must say it is a good entry level touch phone. I would have kept it as a secondary phone but my girlfriend asked if she can have it, I didn’t have a choice, I can’t say no to her. :D

Me: look I just got my Samsung Champ!
Girlfriend: Lovely! Can I have it?!
Me: ah.. okey!

It is a lovely phone indeed and it’s impressively fast.

The first thing I checked was if the themes can be changed but unfortunately you can only use the two preloaded themes. But maybe some geek will create a Samsung Champ Theme mod soon, let’s just wait. For now I will just post some Samsung Champ Wallpapers for you, I have already tested them and it actually fits perfectly. Enjoy.

to download: click wallpaper, right click and save as.

Update 03/01/2012: There are no themes/mods yet available for our Samsung champ peeps and I don’t know if there will ever be one, we can only change wallpapers :(
I have updated this page with girlie walls as well to those who are asking for it. Thanks and happy new year!

photo credit: [zedge.net]