Hi Petiksters! It’s been a month already since our last post. Sorry about that, we were just doing some super secret online money making stuffs hehe.

Still playing plants vs. zombies? Have you tried survival endless? How many flags can you survive? Well as for me I can only survive up to 18 flags, soo damn proud about it! LOL

I was about to reinstall this game and hoping to beat my previous record, so I searched youtube for the best plants vs. zombie strategies and I was surprised that someone is doing hundred and even thousand flags.

Checkout their strategies:

Shapes112, 1000 flags

Flying free, 1678 flags

Hardinero here is doing 3000 flags. Whoa!

They all have one plant in common, the Gloom-Shroom. Hmm. I will try to use that and maybe I get lucky to beat 100 flags!

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