Hi Petiksters! I had another long blogging break but everything is fine, I just had some errands to do. I won’t leave blogging that easy so you will still be reading some nonsense articles like this one here, sorry =)

Right now I’d like to write about this new game from Digital Chocolate, the makers of Baking Life (I don’t play that game, my officemate does so I guess it’s a bit popular… no? You decide). Moving on, this latest game is called Millionaire City, which was launched I think somewhere between May-June this year and is still on BETA stage.
Millionaire city is about becoming a millionaire (so damn obvious!), here’s a good description from the creators themselves:

Welcome to Millionaire City, where you can become a powerhouse CEO and watch the money roll in. Build your monopoly from the ground up by creating luxurious houses, crowded commercial skyscrapers, gorgeous decorations and unique world wonders. Make smart investments, take risks, care for your properties, and watch your company grow!

You know I like games like this, millionaires and stuffs, I played millionaire’s game (the board game? – YES) during my childhood and I enjoyed it, anyway enough with the blah.
The game starts with something like this poor neighborhood of nowhere.

to a filthy rich millionaire like this (like ZOMG!)

You are rewarded with gold or cash if you complete a mission. You get cash from commercial buildings (commerces as the game describes) every 3 minutes. Aside from that, you get paid by tenants. You can use your income to invest more on buildings, commerces, decorations and wonders to expand your city. XP level up will unlock new items/buildings to build.

The game loads way faster than Farmville (maybe because it is still in beta and they have a few players to date), I can still play the game using my Sun Broadband. Yey!
I love Millionaire City, if you like Farmville you’ll probably like Millionaire City as well. Check Millionaire City in Facebook now if you are looking for a game that you can play at work, Ooopss.

My Rating: 4/5 being 5 the highest.
I won’t discuss cheats and tricks in this post because I’m still enjoying the game, but if you are that exited to be a millionaire instantly, check blogags.com’s Millionaire City Cheat and Tricks.