The most powerful tools for graphic artists today is by using Photoshop Shapes and Brushes which can be found on various websites.  An essential tool that can be used by graphic artist is through Filter Forge.  There are a lot of things that can be done through filter forge such as adding effects, adding outline or even changing the photo from a watercolor masterpiece.

The same as years back when computer is not yet part of our lives, paint brush is a very essential and valuable tool for an artist.  Today in our world of computer and internet Photoshop Shapes and Brushes have the same importance with web designers, professional photographers and graphic designers.

Even if you are using GIMP it is still important to have brushes.  There are simple steps to be followed to be able to use brushes in Gimp.  GIMP is GNU Image Manipulation Program software which can do tasks such as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.

  • You must be using Gimp 2.4 version or higher to support the Photoshop Brush format.  You may be able to check this by opening Gimp and choose “Help” from the top tool bar.  Then click About option.
  • Look for the brush directory, then put the new brushes in the same Gimp brushes.  Here is how to find it; click the “File” menu, then choose “Preferences” option.  Click the plus sign next to the “Folders” to reveal a whole list options.  Click on the “Brush” icon  and note the Gimp directory where you store your brushes.
  • You may now install the Photoshop brush file.  Load your brush into Gimp.  Simply copy the ABR brush file into the folder you identified.
  • To make your brush working refresh the brush list.  Click on the small paintbrush to bring up the “brush selection” dialog.  Click the button with two arrows and you are now ready to use Your Photoshop shapes and brushes with your Gimp.

Photoshop shapes and brushes can be used to make cut out from photos.  Another way to draw shape is to edit the path and create Photoshop’s built-in shapes.  Draw the shape then deform and alter the shape.  Photoshop have always been doing research to improve its style.  Combination of mirrored paths will definitely create perfect symmetrical shapes without scrupulous measurements.

To be perfectly balanced symmetrical shape can be useful in creating buttons for the web, making shaped selections, create special effects and special characters, defining your own Photoshop Shapes set, working with clipping paths, creating transparency and a lot more.

With the use of symmetrical shapes creating simple and complex elements can easily be done.

Photoshop shapes and brushes can do a lot of wonder on image editing and also if you would want to create special effects, characters, or some other tasks which are all useful for a graphic artist.