There is a lot of energy saving tips that you can get from advertisements and from the internet, even on seminars.   The purpose of all these is to save money from your electric bills.  But there is an energy saving tip that will not only get you some savings, it will also help you save your home, cars and other vehicles from damage done by thsolarscreense heat rays of the sun.  Solar screens are energy saving device that can protect you from sun damage.

There are various types of solar screens which can provide protection depending on the nature of your needs.

  • Protection in recreational areas, such as parks and pools.  Solar screens maybe installed anywhere on the pool to protect people from sunlight by providing them shades while enjoying the waters.
  • Serves as Patio Shades
  • Window shades in cars, buses and other vehicles
  • Protects your furniture from sun damage.

Solar screen windows are applicable for cars, buses and other vehicles.  Have you ever seen tinted windows in cars and other vehicles?  How does it protect the passengers from the heat of the sun?  Could you imagine?  This is how solar screen windows work.  It reduces the absorption of heat giving you a cooling effect.  While it reduces heat during summer days, during winter months the solar screen windows keep the heat inside. This is how solar screen windows work both in cars and in your home.

Adaptability is the correct term that we can use for the protection that we can get from this fabric window shade.  It does not only protect you from the heat rays of the sun but it can also provide you heat during winter days.  They are available on various designs, so that they can be installed anywhere.  They can be installed inside or outside of your windows.  Installed outside, permits you to open your windows and still keep out the heat of the sun.  Inside, they serve as drape that can be raised or lowered depending on your requirement.   Modern technology provides you with an automatic ability of this window shade to detect light and wind velocity.  So that they automatically roll up or down with the use of timers and computerized sensors.

There is nothing more that you can ask for with solar screens.  A lot of savings from electricity and protection from your skin and furniture, plus its adaptability with your needs, this is really and amazing window shades which can provide maximum benefit for most people.