We have been doing everything in order to reduce the cost of electricity, but still, our electric bill is getting higher each time we receive it.  If there are ways for us to reduce our electric bill, I think you will immediately grab that opportunity.  One effective way of reducing your electric bill is through the use of solar yard lights.

We don’t want to look our garden dim.  Therefore garden lights are important to be always on.  But we hate having higher electric bills.  The best solution is to have solar garden lights.   Initially the cost of this garden lights may seem to be high, but in the long run you will appreciate the benefits that it can provide you as to the cost of your electric bill.

Solar garden lights produce its energy from sunlight through the use of its various mechanisms which are made up of; a plastic case, a solar cell, a single AA Nicad battery, a small controller board, LED light source and a photoresistor to detect darkness.  Through the use of these mechanisms, energy is being absorbed from sunlight for a given period of time.  This can produce up to 1.2 volts and can be store to a maximum of 700 milliamp-hours by the use of AA Nicad battery.   During the night these stored light energy are then forwarded to the controller board from the solar cell and battery to bring out the light into your garden.solar-yard-light1

Electricity conservation and savings is just a part of the benefit that we can get from the solar yard lights.  Another benefit that we can get from it is to avoid the use of underground electrical wirings which are dangerous when get wet.  You can even put it wherever you want without being troubled of a power supply connection.

So, there it is the benefit of savings from too much cost of electricity, and the ease of placement of this garden lights.  And, there is so much more, the use of solar lights is environment friendly.   Why?  It restores our natural resources and is waste free.  And since they are non-combustible, they do not cause air pollution.   In addition to that, they can be easily installed, maintenance cost is also avoided.  No bulb, wiring, switch boards and cables needed.

Using solar yard lights is really an advantage.  Housewives will be more likely choose this over yard lights which use electricity.