Okay, I understand you’re sick and tired of your boss. You just can’t take his/her attitude anymore, everyone is not treating you the way you should be treated at the office. You hate having to wake up early and having to commute to get to the office. And the worst thing, you don’t find your current salary worth it for all the things that you are doing for the company. If this is you, maybe it’s time to take some actions and look for work from home online jobs.

What’s a work from home online job?

Obviously, it’s a job that doesn’t require you to go a corporate office to do your task. Most work from home online jobs only needs your time, a computer ( it doesn’t matter if it’s a laptop or desktop) and a fast internet connection. Yes, I said fast internet connection.

Popular work from home online jobs

1. Virtuall call center

One of the most popular work from home online jobs is a virtual call center, which means that you will be needing a fast internet connection. You really can’t take an inbound call and put your customer on hold for a long time because your waiting for your computer to load the information you need to give him/her.

If you’re in the call center business, you need to make sure that the customer on the other line will not be able to hear your dog barking or your baby crying. That could get you fired if a quality assurance officer hears it.

Alpine access, liveops, Arise and west at home are the top players in the virtual call center industry.

2. Ebay

I’m sure you’ve already heard of people who’ve made it big at EBAY. Some of them became millionaires, and it’s true. There are many books that feature successful ebay users. What’s the best way to start? Check your attic or garage for some things that you’re not really using and try to convert them to cash by having it auctioned at Ebay. You can also look for suppliers and buy an item in a cheaper price and sell it to ebay with the standard price to gain profit.

3. Survey taking

Yes, a lot of people who work from home gets paid just by answering surveys online. Some of the popular companies that offer these online jobs are National Family Opinion, Survey Savvy and American Consumer Opinion. Be careful when signing up with survey sites because not all of them are legit. If they are asking for weird personal information then you might want to google some reviews about the company first before finishing your registration.


The blogging industry is very lucrative. This is my favorite work from home job because it’s very lucrative, and the good this is that once you’ve set up your website or blog, as long as you do it correctly, it’s impossible not to earn lots of cash. The best part is, it’s passive income, when it’s already established, it only requires very little maintenance or sometimes, nothing at all. You literally earn while you sleep.

If you can relate to the first paragraph, I highly suggest that you do something about your situation. Don’t just sit there and wait for change, because the truth is, the probability that your situation will change is very slim unless you do something about it. I’m not saying that you quit your job, just try looking for work from home online jobs and do it if you have some free time, I assure you it’s very rewarding.