The other day I added a post with free videos of drum lessons for beginners, today I will share 5 videos of piano lessons for beginners. Why just five? I’m just kind of busy today and I will attempt to write 10 articles for this blog. – That’s will be my career high in blogging if ever i get to accomplish that today. hehe.

Alright, here are some free piano lessons for beginners videos.

How to play piano : The basics – courtesy of lypur

How to play piano : stepping stones – courtesy of lypur

How to play piano/keyboard lesson 1-an introduction from bboypredator2006

keyboard lesson 1 – part 1 courtesy of pmugarura

keyboard lesson 1 – part 2 courtesy of pmugarura

Finding online piano lessons for beginners is quite easy, you just need to browse the web for about 5-10 minutes and you’ll most likely to find one that you’ll like. Are you a pianist? Do you want to teach our readers some piano lessons for beginners? email us your video tutorial @ and we’ll be more than happy to feature it in this blog.