At last, a phone specially made for social networking addicts, the new Kin one and Kin two mobile phones from Microsoft (hardware by Sharp).
Kin phones have a cool UI called Kin Loop that gets direct feeds from your facebook, twitter and windows live friends. Sharing is also made easy by just dragging items to your Kin spot. Check out these hands-on videos from youtube

Kin one

Kin two

Kin connects to a cloud network and it uploads your phones content there so you can still browse them anytime/anywhere you like. The cloud server is also responsible for delivering the updates/tweets down to your kin phone.
Since it is built for social networking it will need an unlimited data plan to maximize usability.


Kin two has 8mega pixel camera and it is capable of capturing 720p HD video. You also won’t need to carry your mp3 player because Kin connects to zune for audio and video resources, but of course you have to pay for it.

These goodies are only available to Verizon wireless subscribers (for now?), offered at $99 for Kin 2 and $49 for Kin 1 bundled with plan subscription.