Is Lockerz a scam or is it legitimate? Just this afternoon while I was doing my routine, my co owner of this blog was bothering me to sign up for a Lockerz account, The website is simple, You earn points by playing games, watching videos, answering questions daily, referring friends and by signing in. You earn 2-4 points just for doing so, and when you accumulate enough points, you can redeem your prizes like Macbook, Ipods and others.

But the BIG, HUGE, SUPER question is, Is Lockerz for real, is it legit? Well I’ve googled it and majority says that it’s not scam and about 20-30 percent say it’s a scam. I’ve also looked @ youtube for reviews and there are actually some users who uploaded the unboxing of their prizes so I’m really confused if it’s legitimate or what. So I’ve decided that I’m gonna give it a try. I’m aiming for a Macbook pro that I can use for my business. I’ll be updating this post if I get an answer myself if it’s for real or not.

lockerz legit

So for those who want to take this Lockerz challenge/experiment with me, please enter your email address below so I can send you an invite. The site is on its beta stage so you can only sign up by invite.

Good luck!

Update: after 2 days I’ve already accumulated 254 points and 15 friends have accepted my invite. I basically did it by watching vids . I need 5 more to be a Locker Z lister and play games as well (which means more PTZ).  I should also receive a Lockerz shirt upon 20 friends joined  and I will be able to know if Locker Z is legit – If they can’t me a cheap shirt there’s no way on earth they can send me expensive gadgets.

Will update this post when I reach 1000 Ptz

for Lockerz invites, please email

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