4G internet broadband is now here with 1Mbps consistent speed. This is what wi-tribe is offering now for a price of P998 per month.
If you look at 1Mbps consistent speed at a price of 998 per month you would say it is affordable compared to other network providers who offers up to 3Mbps for 799 but you barely get 1Mbps. But what’s the catch? Wi-tribe has a 3gig volume capacity per month. If you consumed the 3gig bandwidth your internet speed will be trimmed down to 256kbps, well it’s not consistent after all because of their fair usage policy. If you are a heavy user your 3Gig will only last for 3 days, though you can still download during off-peak hours from 1am-7am to get the 1Mbps speed.
If you plan to subscribe I suggest you ask everything you need to ask to your sales agent and better if you have a demo unit first installed in your home and test it. There is also a lock-in period of 2 years which means you have no choice but to pay Php998 per month for two years whether you will use it or not.

If you are happy with it then get it.
wi tribe broadband philippines
As for me, I will just stick to Sun broadband for now (like I have a choice) and hopefully after my 2 year contract with them Wi-tribe will increase their cap limit to 10Gb :)