What’s the best Mafia game ? A girl friend of mine recently downloaded and watched the famous Mafia movie, The Godfather, starring Al Pacino and she kind of liked it. Now she’s looking for Mafia games that she can download and play.

I told her that she doesn’t need to download it anymore because there’s a Mafia Game application in the Almighty Facebook which is Mafia wars.

To my surprise , she said she doesn’t have a Facebook account yet. Lol. She still uses Friendster. LMAO. I told her to sign up and she will enjoy playing Mafia wars. So she did sign up for an account and now she’s so hooked into the best Mafia pc game .

I just find it a bit funny that I have a “yuppy” friend who doesn’t have a Facebook account yet. It’s just so uncommon nowadays.