I bought my Samsung star wifi last week as a Christmas present for myself. The “iphone like” touch screen and slider thingy made it easy for me to decide. You can never see another phone this good with the same price. And by the way, it has wifi too! :)

There is one thing, just minor though, that the samsung people should have added. There should be an option to add or install a new theme. It has 2 pre-installed themes only, why??! I’ve spent an hour looking for “samsung star theme” and “samsung star skins” over the internet they were nowhere to be found. Is it because it’s not possible? I believe I need to hack the phone to change or add a color theme I want. But I won’t do that to my phone yet haha! Let’s just hope some phone hackers will make this available for us sometime soon. In the mean time I will just share some of my samsung star wallpapers that I did.

samsung star wifi theme wallpaper transformers

samsung star wifi vista theme graphic 1

samsung wifi vista black and white theme graphic 2

samsung wifi vista theme graphic 3

samsung wifi free theme wallpaper graphic4

Download them here

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