Readers, I gotta admit that I haven’t used dryer balls in my entire life, so I got curious when I’ve read somewhere that dryers balls can help us save in electricity cost while leaving our clothes soft and static free when trying to dry clothes. I was thinking how can those 2 little rubber balls with rubber spikes on the surface save me electricity and and leave clothes and static free. So I did some research and found out that when those dryer balls are placed among the wet laundry, they help in lifting up and separating the clothes which reduces the static and the drying time which means less electric consumption.

dryer balls graphics

According to some websites, a dryer ball can reduce drying time by up to 40% – I know a lot of you will raise their eyebrows and think that it’s too good to be true. Since I don’t have experience in using dryer balls, I decided to check the web and look for dryer balls reviews. Well, some are disappointed and felt that they’ve been ripped off and some are happy with dryer balls.

Here’s a quote from a happy dryer balls buyer : hehehe

I bought the dryer balls soon after they came out maybe over a year ago! They have continued to work like a charm. I can’t tell any difference between these balls and dryer sheets. I don’t have static problems. The clothes aren’t scratchy. I don’t know if it speeds drying time because I just empty the dryer when I hear the buzzer. I paid 9.99 for 2 balls awhile back and have used them, for at least a year or more! So, it has saved TONS of money on dryer sheets and now come to find out…dryer sheets are horrible for your health! I recommend these to all! If you wanna go even cheaper…use 3-6 tennis balls!

and here’s a quote from a dissat dryer balls buyer

VERY disappointing, November 29, 2005
By C. Lewis
Having read so many complementary descriptions of the Dryer Balls, I couldn’t wait to try them, especially for my towels which, according to reviews I read, would come out soft and fluffy. I was also eager to save on drying time, as energy costs are expected to skyrocket this winter.

I finally received my dryer balls last week, and couldn’t wait to do the laundry. I was terribly disappointed. Not only did the balls not speed up drying time AT ALL, but my towels were not soft or fluffy, as various reviews of these products had led me to believe.

Based on my experience, I cannot recommend this product at all.

So are dryer balls effective? Be the judge. You’ll never find out until you try it yourself hehe. I’ve read somehere that wool dryer balls are more effective but I don’t know if it’s true. Happy buying!