I used to think that all refurbished laptop computers were previously used, that’s why they are cheaper than the new ones. Before I joined my previous company, I didn’t know that there are 3 categories when it comes refurbished laptop computers, they are Previously ordered new, Certified Refurbished and Scratch & Dent.

Different categories have different definitions, for example, a “previously ordered new” refurbished laptop computer may have been shipped to a customer but upon arrival, the customer decided to send it back because it’s missing a part or they just didn’t want the design. ¬†A scratch and dent refurbished laptop computer may have been shipped with observable and or considerable cosmetic blemishes but the unit works fine and the customer sends it back. Certified refurbished laptop computers only have observable cosmetic blemishes.
refurbished laptops computers

The good thing with refurbished laptop computers is that they were all tested to meet factory ¬†condition and any defective parts have been replaced as needed before it’s shipped again to another customer. You don’t also have to wait for weeks before you can get them because they are ready to ship and. Before I forget, they’re way cheaper compared to the brand new ones.