Another classic board game is coming to us this Wednesday, the Monopoly City Streets. This is a collaboration of Hasbro and Google, it uses Google maps as the game board and it allows the player to build skyscrapers, stadium, castles, or even prison in your own backyard!

I am a fan of Monopoly ever since and I am exited to try this on Wednesday. Check out Monopoly City Street website on September 9 and we will try it together! This is going to be big!

    New players are given no less than 3m Monopoly dollars – a far cry from the £200 clutch of brightly coloured notes of yore – to build their empire. If you get in first, you can buy the street straight away. If you’re beaten to it, you can make the owner an offer. If they don’t reply in seven days, this offer is automatically accepted, no matter how contemptible it may be. (Cue the obligatory “So make sure you log in everyday!” order in the instructions that accompany the game).
    Review from the UK Guardian Newspaper who played the Beta version. – you can read the full review here

I don’t know it yet if it’s free or not but it’s worth checking :)

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