On a camping trip is very important that we have the right equipment. Otherwise, you will be caught unprepared in the middle of the wilderness. For that reason, I have come up with the top 5 backpacks for the outdoors.

  1. The first backpack is the hydration backpack. Hydration backpacks are just like regular backpacks, except they come with a tube that’s connected to a special pouch (known as the “bladder”) where you can store water and other liquids. These backpacks make a great companion for hiking and trail running.
  2. The second backpack is the waterproof luggage. A waterproof luggage is very effective for outdoor adventures like going to rafting down the rapids of the Colorado River!
  3. If there’s nothing you enjoy more than the great outdoors than a nice cold drink, then you might want to consider getting an insulated backpack. Insulated backpacks are a great way to store your food and drinks while you travel to the picnic site.
  4. The top four backpacks is a hiking backpack. Once you reach your destination, you’ll want a lightweight, versatile hiking backpack that you can take with you on your treks through the wild.
  5. The top five backpacks is the eco-friendly backpack. Everybody talks about being eco-friendly these days, and it’s especially important if you’re a nature lover who enjoys spending time out in the great outdoors.

These top 5 backpacks for the outdoors where brought to you from our backpack experts at Become.com’s Backpacks Tip Center.