I’m really surprised that it took me almost 10 minutes to find the correct PS3 slim release date. I thought I just needed to go to the playstation official website and the information would be right there waiting for me but I was wrong. I needed to visit 10 websites just to find the PS3 slim release date. hehe.

All right, enough said. The PS3 slim release date will be in the first week of September, the exact date will vary by country, but definitely it’s within the 1st week of september. The Sony guy who presented the product said that it has 120 GB hd disk. It’s 32 percent smaller, 36 % lighter and 34 less power consumption rate. The price? It’s 299 US dollars.

There you have it, just wait for the official PS3 slim release date in your country. Pinoys are lucky – It’s already available at greenhills. hehe.

ps3 slim release date

psp slim photo