Photoshop is probably the most comprehensive tool you can use when designing graphics. As for myself I use it to edit some of my website header, make some icons and all that. But there is one thing I have discovered while creating some weird looking icons, it was hard to create shapes and then I came across with Photoshop shapes; I did not realized that there are Photoshop custom shapes created by talented and generous artists ready to download. What is exciting about Photoshop shapes is that you can create your own shape by combining two or more shapes. It comes in handy if you want to create something extraordinary designs for your website or even use them as vector graphics. Here are some websites where you can download free Photoshop custom shapes.

How do we install them?
Here’s how:
1. Right Click Shapes from the tool bar.
photoshop custom shapes graphic

2. Select custom shapes dropdown and from the shapes menu click right arrow.
photoshop custom shape graphic 2

3. Select Load Styles and a new browser window displays. Browse the downloaded .CSH file then click load.
photoshop custom shapes 3

4. The new shapes can now be seen from the shapes dropdown.
photoshop custom shape 4

Ok that’s it! Enjoy your newly installed Photoshop shapes.