I was just curious about adult breastfeeding; I’m surprised there is such a thing. It can prevent and cure some diseases, it might be disgusting just to think of it but would you believe it? It’s good for you. I did some research and here are some benefits of it (please consult your doctor before doing any of these):

Immune system Booster – Cancer patients are taking breast milk to boost immune system and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

Eye Infections – It can cure eye infections. Squirt in an infected eye 4 or more time a day.

Ear Infections – It can cure ear infections. Squirt or pour into sore ear.

Acne – Skin decease such as acne can be removed by breast milk. Wash face with water first then apply breast milk squirted on a cotton all over your face.

Sore Throats – It can cure sore throats. A squirt of breast milk directly or applied from a sterile cup.

Contact Lenses – Irritants when using contact lens can be eased by a squirt of breast milk. Rinse contacts lens with breast milk as you would use a lens solution.

Chapped lips/skin – Apply small amount onto fingers and wipe over lips or skin and leave it a little wet. It normally takes a day or two to clear.

Sexual Lubricant – This is applicable for both male and female. For male squirt directly onto penis, for females use as you would use KY jelly or Vaseline.

This is getting weird now; I dug some more and Adult BreastFeeding can be done without any purpose of curing something. Females can feed their partners with breast milk as long as they are cool with it. But I don’t see any sense, is it for sexual pleasure? Does it make you a pervert? Actually the answer is “NO” this is one of the myths in adult breast feeding, this section answers my question:

Myth: “Only perverts do it”
False, this is one of the most common, if not one of the oldest known forms of bonding and survival, Humans as a species are not a lone in terms of breastfeeding outside of infancy. Some animal species may breastfeed their offspring outside if infancy, if they are allowed to some animals may breastfeed if there is milk to spare or if new offspring are born from a dominant female of group animals and the newborns/infants aren’t feeding at an appointed time older members from a previous litter or recent birth may be given permission from the feeding female. Many forms of recorded information such as art, Statues, paintings, clay and stone tablets and many documents have been found from many civilisations which have accounts, myths and stories of grown men breastfeeding from women whether they are wet nurses, their wives or other lactating women.

–by Rod D.

OK enough said! this is freaking me out. At least we know that there is such thing as adult breastfeeding and it can cure some diseases period.