My post for today is all about an online guitar tuner, but before we go to that, Let me share my weekend thoughts first.

Wow. I can’t believe it’s saturday. I’ve just completed a week of work without being absent at alll. I wonder what the other petiks are doing. Maybe they’re still sleeping. Did you go out last night? Okay. Whatever the answer is, I hope you had a good time.

Okay, let’s go back to the Online Guitar Tuner. I was having a solo concert just about an hour ago in our living room, after performing in front of the “fan” hehe I noticed that my guitar is out of tune. Lately I’ve been off when it comes to tuning a guitar for some reasons. Maybe that’s the effect of not playing regularly, I don’t know, maybe not.

online guitar tuner graphic

So I googled the word ” Online Guitar Tuner ” (Just out of curiousity if there’s such an application), Guess what, I actually found one! There’s actually a lot online but here’s the link of what I’ve just found and plan to use.

So if you feel like you’re guitar tuning skills is getting rusty, just try it out, it may help you :) If you know a better Online Guitar Tuner, feel free to comment and leave the link. Have a nice weekend folks!