Last March, my gf bought me a wireless keyboard and mouse. We were just searching for a cheap one below 1000php ($25) that is decent enough for my need. Where can you buy below 1000 pesos wireless keyboard and mouse you ask? Well, we found one in Octagon (megamall), its only PHP 995. The brand is Nortek, never heard? Looks like it. You can check more about them on

Now, why am I talking about keyboard and mouse? Well not just limited to mouse and keyboard, I will be reviewing some of my stuff and maybe I can help other petiksters to decide what’s best for them to buy. haha! As if I have lots of gadget and stuff to talk about.
cheap wireless keyboard and mouse

Let’s start with the keyboard.
The keyboard is classy, it says Italian design from the box but I don’t really see any Italian specific design in it or maybe I don’t know anything about Italian designs. lol! For me it’s just a keyboard that has a cool black and silver gray color, perfect for my black & gray CPU and LCD.
What I like about this keyboard is that it serves as my remote control as well. It has a play, pause, forward, back and even volume functions. Again perfect for windows media center if you are using vista.
I have not used other wireless keyboards before so i can’t really tell the difference but I won’t buy a keyboard for above PHP1000.
The keyboard needs 2 AA battery to juice up. I’m quite impressed that it has been 2 months and I have not changed the batteries yet. The keys are soft and arranged same as most laptops, less the num pad ofcourse. Rating 5/5 – love it!

Let’s move on to the mouse. Over here mousey mousey…
There’s nothing special about the mouse aside from the fact that it is wireless. It doesn’t have the curve form that fits my palm. It becomes uncomfortable after 2 hours of use. This is good as secondary mouse just perfect if you are being lazy to get up while watching movies and you need to click on something on your desktop. No wonder you can see this mouse on the side of the bed or under your pillow.
You need to buy 2 separate rechargeable AAA batteries as it will drain your normal batteries in 2 weeks with 2-3 hours per day of use. Don’t worry about the charger though because those guys who made this monster mouse included a dock where it can rest and charge its batteries. The most annoying about this mouse is that it has mind of its own sometimes. You need to have a mouse pad to run smoothly. I thought this was an optical mouse? Why does it need a mouse pad?
I’m still using my logitec mouse as primary and my wireless mouse secondary at the side of my bed. Rating 2/5, I should have given 1 but its wireless and it’s cheap. :)