I started this blog 1 month ago and after everything was set and ready I found an error 404 when trying to post a comment. I did not know what the problem was and I was thinking it is an issue with my theme (nooooo!). I tried to experiment ticking this ticking that but doesn’t fix the issue. So
I reported to floroworks (my service provider) thinking this has something to do with their server. I was wrong, floroworks get back to me with a solution instead. The problem was with wordpress 2.7, this was a known issue and until 2.7.1 I still encountered it. ok, nuff said already. here’s the solution.

go to Wp-admin > Settings > Discussion
then unchecked the “Break Comments into pages” option.

that should fix the problem. yeah I know, that’s how simple and it worked for me.

Thanks ser Ge :)